Taking it back…


*sigh* Nothing like a bit of nostalgia mixed with comedy spoofing to get me back on the blog again. It’s a Wednesday night and I’m doing my usual trawl of the blogs, you know, celebrity gossip, scandal and the likes… and then I came across this:

First off, I used to be a major Bobby Brown fan back in the day so any modern-day tribute to the self-professed ‘King (ahem) of R&B’ is most necessary. Even though this is a spoof, the dance moves are tight!! Just like the cycling shorts…

Secondly, we now know that Mike Tyson can’t dance. But that’s ok, he was like the undisputed champion back in the day or something.

I think the thing that made this video complete was the cameo from Bobby himself! Yes, he may have spent a bit too much time at Burger King when he should probably have been practising the running man in his house. And yes, he is an advert for ‘Crack is Wack’ but I have to take my hat off and say his inclusion is generally funny, coming off looking like the drunk uncle at the wedding but still keeping it ever so gangsta.

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