Some posts I have written


No I haven’t been sitting idle all this time. I’ve been studying, turning 26 and working hard for the man.

I have also been doin some writing (intermittently). Check it out. Or Peep game, as the cool heads say:

Me and the homie (homette) Wendi-B used to get into debates at work and decided rather than waste employer’s time, we should thrash it out in blogworld. Battle of the sexes was born.

First discussion was (rather randomly) whether guys should wear make-up. Not something I’ve come across in day to day life, but hey:

Next post was more my comfort zone – music and award shows. *sigh* have they lost it? is music to blame? or are there darker forces at hand. Once again, Wendi and I bump heads and attempt to get to the bottom of it all…


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