10 things I have learned in 2010

Eastenders, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Prince, World Cup, x-factor

1. Kanye West, for all his eccentricities and ego issues, is a musical G and loves hip-hop. Regardless of what the ‘G’ stands for (Genius, Gangsta, Goofball) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of the albums of the year.

2. Nicki Minaj totally sold out with that Pink Friday album. However, I can’t be mad at her because from that one guest appearance on ‘Monster’ she successfully slays all female emcees in the game. And most of the males too.

3. Global warming may not be the correct term for the big freeze that has engulfed the UK throughout this year. I loved the snow and our very British way of dealing with it – moan!

4. Make no mistake – Prince is a bad mamma jammer. He’ll steal your girl. And steal her high heels too.

5. I don’t begrudge any of those Chilean miners for pimping their 15 minutes of fame to the max. In fact, I look forward to Mining music videos and reality shows.

6. England will never host the World Cup while I am still fit enough to come on as a last minute sub. My childhood dream is over.

7. This Connor guy in Eastenders is proof that females are just as shallow as us guys. The twitter comments on his abs alone are enough to force me to go hard in the gym. Pause.

8. Justin Bieber is Usher’s pension plan and Mr Raymond is laughing all the way to the bizank.

9. Channel 4 have been responsible for the best programmes this year – Misfits, The Family (comedy gold) and This is England 86 (had me on edge pretty much every episode).

10. X-factor is fixed and this year it made no apologies for doing so. Autotune-gate, Gamu-gate, race-factor, Wagner… I could go on. BUT it was still the highlight of my Saturday nite and the tweets made it all the more enjoyable. Despite my personable beef with twitter (hold tight facebook mandem), x-factor and tweeting go hand in hand like… something that likes to hold hands. or something.

Don’t worry Treyc. I understand…

And with that I say “Goodbye 2010!”


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