Funk Fridays: Funkadelic: Not Just Knee Deep

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This might be one of the more obvious posts I’ll do on Funk Friday, mainly because it’s a tune that pretty much anyone with a passing knowledge of Funk music will know. Added to the fact that the song has been sampled a million times, you will understand where I’m coming from.
As a wannabe/aspiring/former body popper and locker (all three), Not Just Knee Deep is our quintessential theme tune. If you look up many a bodypopping competition on youtube, that tune is bound to be featured in one interpretation or the other and it’s fair to say that Funkadelic and George Clinton unwittingly provided the soundtrack to many poppers’ lives.
I blame my parents for introducing me to this song but it’s just so damn funky. And then gets repetitive. But then the funk draws you back in and all is forgiven.
After the original was released back in 1979 and shook up the mothership funk connection throughout the 80’s, nothing could brace us for its resurgence in the 90’s, mainly thanks to the popularity of gangster rap and it’s offshoot G-Funk. It’s almost like rappers forgot that there were other tunes out there to sample, or that they could actually try and make something original. But, who am I to hate. I’ve downloaded most of these tunes and they are just so damn funky that I can’t even hate. In fact, if I was a West Coast rapper in the early 90’s, I probably would have utilised that sample too.
In no particular order, here’s a few of the notable interpretations of the song:
  • Dre Day – Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg: noticeably slowed down sample but we know what time it is
  • De La Soul – ““Me, Myself and I”“: Probably the most blatant use of this sample but tellingly one of De La’s signature songs.
  • Can’t C Me – 2pac – One of my favourite 2pac songs. The “Knee Deep” sample is almost made to sound eerie over 2pac’s venomous raps, Dr Dre’s production and George Clinton’s vocals.

So basically, every sample of this song has been pretty good. Shout out’s to George Clinton and Funkadelic for creating such a timeless tune. Salute!

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