#31WriteNow – Update


It was all good just a week ago. And yet in the past 7 days, I have blogged, ‘just’ four times. Now usually, this would be a massive achievement and don’t get me wrong – I’m happy to have blogged so much recently. But the challenge is called #31writenow and it looks like I will not reach my target of a post every day of August (or at least 31 posts during the month). That in itself is slightly disappointing.

To say that this challenge has been tough is an understatement. The first week was scary but there was just enough there to allow me to post content every day. The following week came and it was a struggle. By week 3, I skipped a couple of days…which brings me to week 4 which has probably been my worst week.

It’s not always through lack of content, but moreso…life! If I blog after work, it is more than likely that things will get in the way, such as gym, socialising and tv watching! I could probably make some drafts at lunchtime but then when would I eat my lunch? Or on the train…but I do like to have a little nap sometimes. Hmmm…

Well anyway, we are moving into the final week and I should really aim to go out with a bang by posting every (remaining) day this week. And then once 1 September hits, I can relax!! If there is one thing that I am learning so far from this challenge, it is that there is a whole wide world out there and so many different topics to blog about. Some of the topics that I have enjoyed writing most haven’t been to do with music at all and I think I will carry on writing about different topics after this challenge is over.