Beyonce Gets A Haircut. The World Loses Its Mind

Beyonce, haircut

8th August 2013. A day that will forever be etched in the minds of every man and woman on God’s green earth. Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, the Creole queen of pop, soul and R&B has once again changed the landscape of all that is real in these streets. Those luscious locks with which we have seen many a dutty whine are no more, for in a move that has left many in open-mouthed awe, she has done the unthinkable. Put in a short lacefront┬áHad a haircut.

Thousands of fans the world over took to various social networking sites to voice their opinions. Some congratulating her on such a bold move, others in complete shock at how she could do such a thing. Currently there is no official word from Mrs Carter on why exactly she has gone down this route, although rumours of precautionary against the Fan that nearly ate her hair are completely unfounded.
Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z, has insisted he is not to blame, despite uttering these lyrics on his latest album:
“Girl, why you never ready?
For as long as you took you better look like Halle Berry”.
We will keep you updated with the latest.