Funk Fridays: Cameo – She’s Strange

Cameo, Funk Friday, music

If I mentioned the group, Cameo, to you. I guarantee two things would come to mind: the red leather cod piece… And Candy (now hijacked, to my chagrin as the electric slide song). But let’s not succumb to the masses, for as fine as Candy was/is, that was not all that Cameo was about and this post celebrates one of their other classic songs – She’s Strange.


This is one of my favourite songs because it just sounds so strangeeerie, almost like a Western. I think it also pays testament to Cameo’s willingness back in the day to embrace different types of music as the majority of the song is rapped. Alright, he’s not flipping metaphors and switching lyrical styles but back in 1984, this was hot ish. Probably. Ahh, the 80’s – a special time when singers were also rappers. Thankfully they don’t do that now. #noChrisBrown #noTreySongz


Special mention must go to the video, which incorporates so many elements that are just pure 80’s gold. The jheri curl bouncing in the moonlight, the day-glo colours and the most random shots in video history – a woman’s stiletto squashing a tube of toothpaste (at 1:28) and sensual cake eating (at 3:10). Those images have stayed with me for years.


Of course, such a classic song wouldn’t pass by without being sampled numerous times. Most notable ones are:

·        2pac – Young N****z: Blatant sample by Mr Shakur from one of my favourite ‘Pac albums, Me Against The World

·         Snoop Dogg – Crazy: One of my favourite songs from Tha Blue Carpet  Treatment. Took me a while to find the sample, but it’s actually in the hook “walking down the avenuuuue”. Not totally convinced it counts as a sample, more an ‘interpolation’.

·         Snoop Dogg – Leave Me Alone: More Snoop funkiness, containing him singing parts of the Cameo classic