Funk Fridays: Fatback Band – "I Found Lovin’"

Fatback Band, Funk Friday

If there’s one song that epitomises a credible crossing over of funk and pop, it would definitely be this song. As popular as this song has become in recent times in the mainstream (I’ve heard this song everywhere from Wetherspoons to Ikea), its roots are still heavily grounded in funk.

The Fatback band, enjoyed a succession of hits from the late 70’s to the early 80’s but this song has almost taken on legendary status. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that¬†is quite possibly one of my favourite songs of all time, from the smooth vocals to the heavily early 80’s synths. It never fails to go down well in a party. In fact, in the UK the song was so good it got released twice (1984 and 1986).

It’s a travesty that an official video wasn’t released for this song, but hey – this was the mid-80’s I guess. The music did most of the talking. The clip shown above is from Top of The Pops back in 1986 (check the high-top) and is probably the best we’re gonna get in terms of a real performance. I have to respect the shapes that he’s cutting on the floor though.

Usually, this is the point where I list the samples and give you links etc… but strangely despite its popularity. “I Found Lovin'” hasn’t actually been sampled that much, save for an All Saints song and a Monie Love track. The All Saints version hurt my ears so I won’t bother linking that.¬†Perhaps it’s best that way – I wouldn’t want to tarnish the memories…