Funk Fridays: Funkadelic – "One Nation Under A Groove"

EPMD, Funk Friday, Funkadelic, G-Funk, Ice Cube, Janet Jackson

It might be verging on cliche to do another Funkadelic tune for Funk Friday but this tune is so synonymous with the genre that it’s hard not to include it.

This ode to the funk starts off abruptly with barely an introduction and then carries on to the infamous chorus:

“One nation under a groove,
Gettin’ down just for the funk of it”

The thing that stands out for me aside from the¬†irresistible¬†groove, is the layered production and the sheer variety of instruments on the track. In a time of 808’s and synthesisers, the instrumentation on this track is refreshing.

Just like the other Funkadelic entry on this site, this song has been sampled countless times in recent years but here are a few of the more notable ones:

Ice Cube – “Bop Gun”: Updated for the G-Funk era by Ice Cube, this received full endorsement from George Clinton as he redid the hook and even appeared in the video.

Janet Jackson – “Go Deep”: Huge tune harking back to my early adolescence with Janet looking particularly hot in red hair… *sigh*. Oh yeah, and there’s also a sneaky sample of the Funkadelic tune in there somewhere.

EPMD – “So Watcha Sayin”: Some classic old school hiphop, in the era before they paid royalties for samples (probably), the sample appears at 1:25 in the chorus.