JLS: Am I missing something here?

JLS, music

So it looks like this whole JLS juggernaut is really pickin up speed. I just logged on to Thatgrapejuice.net as I do and was confronted with this:


Now come on people, enough is enough. But then again, maybe it’s all part of a big joke by Simon Cowell.

I mean, rewind back to the X-factor 2008 and these four guys come in with this whole Jack-the-Lad swing ting goin on, claiming to be the UK’s answer to Boyz II Men. As a young black male, lots of things went through my mind: “good on ya boys” and “lets give the UK something different” and also, “is that relaxer in that boy’s hair?”.

Then the madness really started. Firstly, they get to the X-factor finals narrowly getting pipped to the post by Alexandra Burke. Then, they hit number 1 with their d├ębut single accompanied by a ridiculous video to match (complete with uncoordinated clothes AND dance moves to match). THEN they win Brit Awards and whatnot – a confusing moment for me of both pride and utter bewilderment.

Now, despite what it may sound like, I am NOT a hater. In fact, I may actually be jealous. 4 bruddas takin over the mainstream. I know of better singers in the UK. I know of better dancers in the UK. But I guess they’re pimpin the game, as it were. And they’re definitely living the dream, bless em. MY DREAM. Probably.

So now they’re going to the US. We’re selling the Yanks what they’ve been doing for If JLS pull this off, it will be the greatest trick in history since Ricky Martin convinced us for a while that he was straight. In fact, if they takeover the US, I will quit my job and start my own boyband. In a weird way, I’m rooting for them. Begrudgingly.