Some Random Questions

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1. Since when did Eastenders become so boring? Dry characters, drier storylines. It’s like watching paint….dry.

2. Will Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Part 2 be even better than the first installment?

3. Was¬†anyone else¬†disappointed that Robin Thicke’s second single was nowhere near as catchy as Blurred Lines?

4. It’s been a good 18 months, they’re the most popular boyband in the world – why do I only know one song by One Direction? (“Live while we’re young”, in case you were wondering)

5. Why is the new Youtube logo so plain?

6. 50 years after his ‘I have a dream’ speech, would Martin Luther King be happy with Miley Cyrus’ appropriation of ‘black’ culture?

7. Why is it that the only time they show music on MTV is during the opening credits of one of their reality shows?

8. Can Ben Affleck be any worse than George Clooney’s smirking, slapstick Batman?

9. Is anyone else bored by the whole Gareth Bale transfer saga?

10. Are meme’s the best thing ever?

I think that’s it. Answers on a postcard please…

Twerk. Twerk. Twerk. Twerk Miley…

Miley Cyrus, MTV, TV, Twerk, VMA

If you haven’t seen it, then where have you been? Miley Cyrus catapulted herself to infamy with a crazy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards and has learnt the cruel side of fame overnight. A few months ago, she reinvented herself with a new image and seemingly a love of ‘black’ *ahem* culture. And by ‘black’, I guess we mean Twerking. A few well-shot youtube videos later and she becomes the unashamed mainstream princess of twerking. Except, when she did it on national TV, she was kind of…er…well…exposed.

The whole display was a bit odd, awkward and she committed one of the most cardinal sins – she doesn’t have any junk in her trunk. That pancake was shown all over the world thrust snugly in between Robin Thicke’s groin on multiple occasions and she became the butt source of many a joke on the internet. Twitter and Instagram have been going crazy all day with memes and it will be interesting to see what the official response will be from the Miley Cyrus camp or ‘Team Twerk’ as they should never, ever be called. One thing’s for sure – the VMA’s never cease to bring up a controversial moment.