This New Edition Biopic Needs to be Funded. Immediately.

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Over the years, we’ve been blessed with many biopics based on the lives of our favourite entertainers. From “What’s Love Got to Do With It”:

what's love

to “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&b”:


And who could forget “The Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story *shudders*.

Flex MJ

However, when trawling through the internet late one night, I stumbled across something that could potentially trump them all.


Clapping Gif

This is the story that I’ve wanted to see for years!!

A film that captures the highs, high-tops, lows, colourful outfits and terrible, terrible hair styles of the mid-80’s to the early 90’s. Damnit, this trailer has it all. For the uninitiated, New Edition were the original New Kids on The Block and spawned the career of Bobby Brown, Bell Biv Devoe and Ralph Tresvant.

It seems like the people involved in this trailer have actually captured the essence of what makes a good biopic – getting actors that actually resemble who they’re meant to be. Remember the guy that played R Kelly in the Aaliyah biopic *shudders*. He looked absolutely NOTHING like him.  Now let’s be clear; I’m not talking Jamie Foxx in Ray (the likeness there was uncanny) but at least let’s have a passing resemblance.

The actors playing Ralph, Bobby and Ronnie are a good match without being parodies. Shout-out to the wig people for capturing Ralph’s ducktail haircut from the “Cool It Now” video. If I was born during this era, I would definitely have attempted that hairstyle. And failed.

The outfits, dance moves and sets actually look professional despite it only being a trailer and the scenes of Bobby Brown gyrating slightly too hard in concert to the annoyance of his other bandmates are pretty funny too.

Yes, some of the acting looks a bit cheesy but it was the eighties, damnit. Why don’t YOU try saying some of those lines with Jheri Curl juice drip-drip-dripping from your forehead.

When the trailer came to an end and the stark realisation hit me that this wasn’t going to be an actual movie, it had me feeling like:

sad gif

BUT there’s hope because (seemingly with all things these days) if you contribute enough to crowdfunding, this movie could actually get made. So, to all my 80’s fans and lovers of good biopics, let’s all band together and get this thing made. The attention to detail in the trailer alone is second to none. And to be frank, this could be the best biopic that’s not the NWA film to be released this decade.