Funk Fridays: Bar Kays – Freakshow on the Dancefloor

Bar-Kays, Breakin', Funk Friday, Ozone, Turbo

If there’s one tune that’s guaranteed to get me dancing regardless of where I am (in my house/on the way to work/on the tube) it’s this! But first, a short backstory…

As a kid I used to watch recordings of soul train, solid soul and top of the pops. One day I happened to come across a video called ‘Breakin’. It was the start of my lifelong interest in breakdancing and body-popping. One scene in particular took place at an LA beach involving a showdown between the good guys and the bad guys and, watched by a Lycra bodysuit-clad, pre-predator Jean Claude Van Damme, they got down to battle. The scene was one of many iconic scenes in that film but the soundtrack to the battle was provided by a band called, The Bar-Kays.

The Bar-Kay’s hailed from Memphis Tennessee and had a string of hits from the late 60’s to the late 80’s. Their affiliation with Otis Redding may be what propelled them to stardom but this song took them to greatness. The association with the film ‘Breakin’ may have meant that this song was not always given the props it deserves but make no mistake – this is a funk classic that stands the test of time. So excuse me while I get my robot on and start breaking on the beach. Enjoy.