New Music Video/Documentary/I Don’t Know What This Is: Jay-Z -Picasso Baby

Jay-Z, Picasso Baby

So in the early hours of this morning, Jay-Z released the visuals to one of my favourite songs from his latest Magna Carta LP. “Picasso Baby” is one of the more harder edged tracks instrumental-wise and harks back to his Life and Times of Shawn Carter: Vol.3 days. The lyrics, however, are pure 2013 Jay-Z fare – raps about his grandiose lifestyle and brief glimpses of the lyrical dexterity he used to exhibit in his prime.

The video is something different altogether. Throughout this album campaign, he has been talking about #newrules. It started with the landmark Samsung deal which meant that he was able to “sell” 1 million copies of his LP in the first week via a free mobile app *side-eye*. And now the next phase is this video/art piece. 
Automatically this video will have its critics but I, for one, thought it was…interesting. The art gallery setting and the crowd interaction was definitely something that I haven’t really seen in hip hop. In fact it was a nice change from the usual bottle popping, club hopping, panty dropping video cliches that we have all become accustomed to. I’m still not sure how to classify this video but maybe he doesn’t want me to. You know, what with those #newrules and all. Enjoy.