12 Things I’ve Learned in 2012

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Well, here we are again. The end of another year and I’m pretty sure that 2012 has been one of the most eventful years in a long time. As ever, I’ve continued on my learning journey so check out the things I’ve learned over the past 12 months:

1. London 2012 Made Us Feel Proud To Be British (for a good month at least): I have to admit that the build-up to the Olympics completely passed me by and I was apathetic to it all. I didn’t bother applying for tickets and I refused to be drawn into the hype. However, as soon as the opening lines of Danny Boyle’s ceremony started, I was hooked. From gymnastics to cycling to dancing horses, the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics were a success from beginning to end and gave us all a bit of pride following a slightly chaotic build-up.

2. English Football’s Golden Generation Is Long Gone And This Current Bunch Haven’t Got A Hope: England went into Euro 2012 following the resignation of one of the finest Italian managers, the appointment of a failed Liverpool manager and the suspension of our best player. Expectations were low, the hype of previous tournaments had long gone and suddenly the team started playing…well. Sort of. Hype started to build…could this be the year?? Of course, as has been the story in many a year, we came up against some half decent competition and duly bowed out of the competition on penalties. Better luck next time? I doubt it.

3. The Queen Parties Harder Than You: 60 years on the throne, 3 days of partying, the Queen put in a good shift and brought together an all star line-up of guests and celebration that can hardly be sniffed at. Long Live The Queen.

queen diamond jubilee

4. 2012 Was The Year of the Comeback: Spice Girls at the Olympics, The (original) Sugababes, Robbie Williams (Candy was a big tune). My favourite? 2pac at the Coachella festival. He’s been dead 16 years and yet can still rock a crowd better than your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper. Westside.


5.  The Majority of Americans Made The Right Choice: I won’t pretend to have an extensive knowledge of American politics but basically out of two guys, the one with the marginally better policies won. The world rejoiced. 2 Termzzzzzzzzzzz.


7. Emeli Sande Is Adele’s Maternity Cover And Loving Every Minute: Name an event that requires some emotional pop/R&B (Olympics opening ceremony, Sports Personality of The Year, Olympics closing ceremony, X Factor finals). “Is Adele busy?” “Who’s free?” Emeli Sande, that’s who. Effortlessly sanging (no typo) through her album of hits with a song for every occasion. 2012 was her year. Adele who?

8. Apple Aren’t Trying Anymore (unless trying means suing Samsung): Remember this time last year and the hype surrounding the new iphone 5? Wireless charging, a projector for your pictures, a complete design overhaul. What did we actually get? A slightly longer phone, with a brand new charging port. “My ipad is too big but yet my iphone is too small?”, said no one ever. Anywhere. So Apple bring in the ipad mini. Really, Apple? The masses still ate it up but damn – they’re gonna have to try a bit harder next year, surely.

iPhone 5 Slide Out Keyboard
iphone with a keyboard? You wish…

9. John Terry Wins At Everything: So, he makes racist insults but the FA declare he isn’t a racist? He gets banned for 4 games while Suarez gets double that for la (slightly) less offensive act? He gets banned from the European Cup Final but still lifts the trophy after his team mates have done all the hard work? JT wins even when he’s losing.

Pic from: http://www.manutdtalk.com/index.php?threads/celebration-gloryhunters.42131/

10. The World Didn’t End: It seems like the world will end every year. I mean, if you look at 2013, I’m sure there’s some stigma over the number 13. Run for cover kids.

11. The Big Bang Theory Is The New Friends: It took a while for me to give in to the hype but I now appreciate the genius of this show. It’s now a staple part of my life just like those pesky acquaintances in Central Perk were. If there’s nothing on TV, switch over to E4 and catch the Big Bang Theory. Intellectual comedy that is just dumb enough to give you all you need.

12. Everyone and their mother loves Gangnam Style: It’s a ridiculous dance. Yet, why did I practice it in my bedroom and bust it out on a couple dancefloors this year? 200million youtube views can’t be wrong (unless audited by Youtube and found to be fake).


There were plenty of other things that happened *cough* Saville *cough* but that’s a bit too heavy for this blog. Time to start afresh. Here’s to a great 2013!