A Chart Song I Care About Today: Wiley – Heatwave


If there’s one thing that I can’t stand in this current musical climate, it’s the relatively recent trend of R&B/Hip-Hop/Grime artists selling out and making electronic drivel. You know the usual suspects: David Guetta, Taio Cruz, Flo-Rida and (regrettably) Nicki Minaj, using the electro-pop trend as a shortcut to chart success, whilst neglecting the art of making a good song.

Despite my reservations around the merging of electro-pop and any of the other genres mentioned above, when this fusion is done properly, the result is actually quite satisfying; Enter: Heatwave.

The self-proclaimed Godfather of Grime (and honestly, who can dispute it?) has come up with a banger, perfect for the summertime. Cheesy enough for the mainstream (“looking for an ice-cream van on the road”) yet with just enough edge (“wine’in up gyal is the vibe I love”) for the music purists, this is an unexpected hit to keep people warm during this topsy turvy and dare I say it, typically British summer.